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The organized and methodical way we approach our projects, helps our customers to control our work at each stage and us to complete them within schedule and cost.


At the stage of imprint, energy audit is performed by an independent to Gr Eco Building certified auditor.


In the course of consultation, our company offers solutions relevant to the needs and the budget of the project. The algorithm we use to design our projects is always based on a cost benefit analysis.


At the stage of construction / completion, our company collaborates with qualified economists to optimize your cash flow, while it is possible to explore the possibility of financing your project through relevant financial institution or European program.

We offer
value and quality of life

Gr Eco Building incorporated in 2014 by Mr. Graos John, architect and Mr. Graos Fereos, Physicist with goal to provide specialized construction projects, which will provide value to your property.

With significant experience in the construction industry, but also with the necessary the knowledge and certifications; we deliver integrated projects with the best price / quality ratio.

Our services include all the individual work recommend an entire Liabilities Building, which we design or renovate a way to become functional and stylish.

Our goal is reflected in a single sentence: 'Happy to live in it'.

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Energy autonomy. What are the composing elements?

Energy Audit - Issue of energy performance certificate

The energy audit procedure is necessary to assess the current situation and necessary to formulate proposals for improving the energy performance of the building.

Renewable energy sources

Renewable energy sources include: Biomass, geothermal, solar, small wind turbines and solar panels, which can be applied individually or in combination according to the optimum in the case of energy-saving proposal and customer needs.

Passive Architectural Design

In the development of any architectural design we incorporate Regulation of Energy Efficiency and also we apply more specific rules on bioclimatic design combined with the use of appropriate software.

dedicated support team

Our company provides after sales service with qualified technicians and qualified surveying methodology every problem that will arise following the implementation of your project.

We can recalibrate the settings of installed technologies according to your wishes.


The improvement of energy efficiency focus on the building envelope and the heating, cooling, hot water, lighting and mechanical ventilation installed in it, while software that monitor the energy is being installed.

Awards / Participation in Scientific Research

Our experts company scientists involved in scientific work and research on human life and dwelling habits, as the Onassis Foundation: 'Epanakatoikiseis' in which Mr. John participated Graos




Our Team

 Yannis Graos

Yannis Graos

MD at Gr-Eco Building Management Co

Gr-Eco Building Management Co, Yannis Graos Architects + Engineers

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